Chewing Gums Types

Chewing gums come in a variety of flavors, shapes and sizes. There is no standard type of gum, but mostly is a small stick or wad of gum. Chewing gum is basically made by combining a water-insoluble phase with a water-soluble phase of sweeteners, flavoring and food coloring.

Today the basic types of chewing gums are:

Bubble gum - bubble gum have property of blowing bubbles because film-forming characteristics.

Sugar-free gum - Instead of sugar, sugar-free gum has artificial sweeteners to provide the taste.

Ball Gum – This gum has shape like ball. It is one of the most popular chewing gums.

Center-filled Gum – center-filled gum in his center has a soft mass, usually filled with some tasty liquid.

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Stick gum - chewing gum Stick gum is a thin, flat, slab of gum usually in rectangular shape.

Ribbon Gum - ribbon gum is like the stick gum, only it is longer, coiled up in a cylindrical container, and the consumer tears off a piece of the size he wants.

Tab gum – tab gum is shorter than stick gum and also thicker.

Tube gum - tube gum or spaghetti gum comes in a tube and gum inside tube is a very soft bubble gum.

Dragée gum – dragée gum has the most popular format for chewing gum, dragée gum is a pillow-shaped coated pellet, often packed in blister packs.

Wrap gum – wrap gum and cut gum is usually in the form of a chunk, cube or cylindrical shape, depending of the machine that wraps it.

Functional Gum - functional gum is chewing gum that has a practical function attached to it, like chewing gum with vitamins and minerals or something else to the body.

Medicated gum – medicated gum is a chewing gum with purpose to introduce medicated substances into blood stream faster than pills.

Nicotine gum – nicotine chewing gum is designed for people who are trying to quit smoking. This gum contains a small amount of nicotine. Idea is to give the smoker something to do, besides hold a cigarette in their mouth.

Several types of chewing gum are designed for dental hygiene. There are gums to whiten teeth, clean teeth and fresh breath.

There are also many different types of chewing gums like: antioxidant gum, dental gum, diet gum, energy gum, thirst quenching gum, herbal gum and vitamin gum.

The most popular flavors are: mint, spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen, cinnamon, licorice, sour apple, cherry, grape, orange, watermelon, strawberry, lemon, blueberry…

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