How Chewing Gum is Made?

Many manufacturers of chewing gum secretly guard specific ingredients in their chewing gum, but they all share the same basic process to reach their finished product. The manufacturing process is considered standard throughout the industry.

Today, the process of making chewing gum is entirely mechanized. Simplified process requires next steps: preparing the gum base, adding flavor, increasing chewiness, cutting and packaging chewing gum. That means that the gum base is mixed with softeners and sweeteners, sterilized and melted in a steam cooker, then pumped through a machine. Other machines then wrap and package the sticks of gum or box and wrap the pellets.

Step by step:

1. The making gum begins by preparing gum base. If gum base is natural, it must first be harvested and processed. The process begins by melting and purifying the gum base. Gum base is placed in a warm room to dry for a day or two (hot air continually passes over the mixture). Gum base is then sterilized and melted in a steam cooker.

Vending Machine Chewing Gum

2. The substance is then pumped to a high-powered centrifuge to rid the gum base of undesirable dirt and bark.

3. The gum base is cooked and mixed with softeners and sweeteners (and all others additives).

4. The next step is kneading. Extruders (machines) are used to blend, smooth and form the gum.

5. A cutting machine cut the sheets into sticks or small pellets which are later candy coated.

6. Other machines then carefully wrap and package the gum in air tight wrappers.

All types of chewing gum are made pretty much the same way. The gum base for bubble gum is more rubbery to make it stretch without tearing. For candy-coated gums there is an additional process. Gum balls are soaked in a sucrose solution, dried and rubbed with beeswax. Gums with liquid centers are filled with a sweet liquid candy.

Standards for raw materials are high. In research laboratory natural gum base for chewing gum must pass several tests for cleanliness and texture. Ingredients are inspected and tested at every stage of the manufacturing process.

On this way chewing gum is ready for people of all ages to enjoy.

Vending Machine Chewing Gum