Making Chewing Gum

Why chewing gum doesn't dissolve in our mouth? What are the basic ingredients for chewing gum? What is the process of making chewing gum? Can you make chewing gum at home?

Colored Chewing Gums

Chewing Gum Main Ingredient - Gum Base

Gum base is the main ingredient of any chewing gum. Gum base gives chewing gums amazing chew. There are natural gum bases like chicle, but there are also synthetic substitute for natural gum base. Find out more about gum base, the main ingredient of chewing gum.

Vending Machine Chewing Gum

How Chewing Gum is Made?

Learn all about chewing gum manufacturing process.

Sweet Chewing Gums

Chewing Gum Ingredients

What exactly is chewing gum made of? All chewing gum manufactured today share the same main ingredients. Read about chewing gum main ingredients.

How Chewing Gum is Made - Video

Short video that describes chewing gum manufactoring process.

How Bubble Gum is made - Video

Short video that describes bubble gum manufactoring process.

Homemade Chewing Gums

How to Make Gum

Creating a homemade gum inside your kitchen is not a complicated process, and anyone with few minutes of their free time and few basic ingredients can make a chewing gum on their own.

Boy Blowing Bubble Gum

How to Blow Bubble Gum

Learning how to blow bubble gums is not a difficult task, and anyone who has few minutes of free time and a good chewing gum can easily start popping balloons with ease. Learn how to do it here.

hewing Gum Vending Machine