How to Make Gum - Homemade Chewing Gum Recipes

One of the reasons why chewing gun became so popular in our history is because both natural and homemade gum was easy to be found or produce. Natural chewing gum could be found as an extract of the tree barks in many areas of the world (especially in Central America where Aztec culture used chicle gum regularly) while creating gum in your house requires only the most simple ingredients and just a few minutes time. To make things more enjoyable, the process can even be done by kids, which can transform cooking into a fun experience for entire family. Another interesting development regarding the home production of chewing gum came from enthusiasts who devised an innovative way to transform chewing gum pellets into usable material for 3D printers. This enables home users to 3D print detailed designs of their chewing gums. Even though this opens many more opportunities for home users (skipping of the mixing and cooking of ingredients), the availability of 3D printed gum is still extremely limited and will most likely remain such for a foreseeable future.

Ingredients for homemade chewing gum are inexpensive, and can be purchased in local groceries except few specific things that could easily be found in online retailers. The process of ingredient gathering can be additionally simplified by the purchase of pre-made gum-making kits that are sold online. They can come in with both basic ingredients, or can house components that are used in more advanced chewing gum recipes.

Homemade Chewing Gums

There are two recipes for simple homemade chewing gums. One recipe creates a traditional gum that we all know from our local stores or gum-dispensing machines while another famous recipe is focused only on natural ingredients and can be used to made excellent honey-based chewing gums.

Ingredients for a simple home-made chewing gum:

  • 1/3 cup of gum pellets
  • ½ to 1 cup of powdered sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of powdered flavoring
  • 2 tablespoons of corn syrup
  • Waxed paper

Instructions – Place gum pellets into a microwavable cup and slowly melt them in 10-second intervals (stir the gum after each heating), add syrup and powdered flavoring, and then pour melted gum into a mountain of powdered sugar. Slowly mix them together until you get the chewing gum dough stops accepting more sugar. Spread the dough into a flat surface that is ready for cutting into rectangles, or roll it into a stick and then cut it into small pieces with a knife. Wrap the chewing gum pieces into waxed paper so that it could be more easily stored.

Ingredients for natural homemade chewing gum:

  • 1 cup of food grade beeswax
  • 3 teaspoons of honey-base
  • Fruit juice
  • Waxed paper

Instructions – Melt the cup of beeswax in a pot, but make sure it does not become too liquefied. When beeswax became like goo, start adding honey and stir it. Repeat the same procedure with room temperature fruit juice. The mixture will quickly start to thicken out. After the dough is cooled, it can be molded into any chewing gum shape is desired (squares, rods, orbs, etc.) and wrapped in waxed paper.

Homemade Chewing Gums